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Welcome to Edison Chargers Baseball

Nick Cppuccilli

We are excited to announce the hiring of our new head coach, Nick Cappuccilli.  An alumni of Edison Baseball himself, Coach Cappuccilli brings with him a wealth of baseball knowledge he gained as a collegiate athlete, playing abroad and coaching at the high school level. He is an educator in the classroom and on the field where he strives to help his student-athletes grow as baseball players, students and young men.  Go Chargers!

“I am excited and proud to be back to my alma mater! Edison charger baseball has a rich history of tradition and pride and I am happy to be a part of that continued legacy. As chargers, we strive to get better every day and prepare ourselves to compete on the baseball field, as well as life. Being a charger baseball player is much more than putting on a uniform and playing a game; it’s dedication, class, commitment and pride. I am proud of our boys for stepping up to the challenges placed before them and competing their way through adversities of the last couple of years. We are excited to continue these wonderful traditions that Edison has embodied for many years, and we are looking forward to a great season! Proud to be a charger!”

                                                                                            Coach Nick Cappuccilli 


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